New Toyota Stout 2024 Compact Truck: Price & Release Date

Toyota Stout 1964 marked Toyota’s debut in the North American light-duty truck arena. It was recognized as the most distorted product at the time. Fort Maverick is currently in strong demand. So Toyota Stout has added more intelligence and capability to their compact pickups than ever before. That’s why a rumor is currently circulating that the Toyota stout compact pick-up truck is making a strong presence in the landscape.

As the affordable Fourth Maverick and ultra-modern Hyundai Santa Cruz continue to be key to the success of their newcomers, the company has to question the current changes. The segment is planning to take ownership of these upcoming Toyota stout compacts in its own interest. There is a clear gap between Hyundai Santa Cruz and Toyota across the world. And Rampage did not perform well in the international market.

Is the Toyota Stout coming back?

We may see the launching event of Toyota Stout. Especially since Toyota says they have another new model coming in 2024. So expect it to be Toyota Stout 2025.

What’s the new Toyota stout 2024?

Over the years, the Toyota Stout has undergone a variety of changes. Like changing its engine size or suspension sometimes or adding modern equipment like air conditioning power steering etc. In 1979, the new Stout made an iconic change in its history. Hence numerous fans and collectors were created. But even then it needs to be changed again. Because in the present modern times, everything has reached the golden peak of development.

Although the Stout was launched to compete with the Fort Maverick, it was a compact that was designed only for the youth. There are versatile fuel systems and the power to work was sufficient. But since it is smaller in size than the standard pickup truck, Toyota is willing to change it to provide an alternative. That’s why it’s made for a powerful yet compact customer.

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Toyota Stout 2024 Full Specs

Brand Toyota
Model name Stout
Release date Early in the 2024
Made in Japan
Drive Type All-wheel drive
Class Compact pickup
Seating capacity 5 passenger
Doors 2 doors
Engine 3.5-liter V-six engine/ 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine
Fuel type Leaded fuel
Mileage 35 mpg combined
Transmission six-speed automatic transmission
Horsepower 278/159 horsepower
Torque 265/180-pound feet
Curb weight around 3,700 lbs
Wheel Base 2800 mm
Length 4674 mm
Width 1690 mm
Height 1710 mm
Availability USA, UK Japan

New Toyota Stout exterior

We all hope that the upcoming Toyota Stout will grab everyone’s attention and fulfill the demand. Because the current newly designed compact car is more optimized. Here a smoother curve, a sloping roofline and a more dynamic body have been added. This not only increases the beauty of your car but also reduces wind resistance.

As a result, it consumes less fuel. On the other hand, the car has been designed slightly differently to facilitate parking. Not only that, it is being developed separately from other hybrid cars. Here you will see a powerful front grille, striking LED headlights, taillights, and fog lights.

Toyota Stout Interior

Here you will find all the amenities that a modern model car needs. The Stout has a spacious and comfortable interior. Which provides enough convenience for both the passenger and the driver. There is also a modern technology dashboard with a large touchscreen display.

There is access to numerous features and functions. The seats are made of high-quality materials. The interior of the 2024 Toyota stout has been designed in a hollow form utilizing the experience to make long-term drives enjoyable for everyone. A pleasant atmosphere is being created there.

Engine Configuration and Performance

The 2024 Toyota is designed to deliver a sensational driving experience. The diameter model has a 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine with 159 horsepower. From which 180 pound-feet of torque generator. It is again mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

As a result, the car takes just four seconds to accelerate from zero to seven miles per hour. And for those who want more power, there is another contact with a 3.5-liter V-six engine. There is an added 278 horsepower. As a result, 265 feet of Tor is endangered. There is also a six-speed automatic transmission. But the car takes just 6 seconds to accelerate from zero to seven miles per hour.

What’s New Added Feature?

The Stout 2024 is an infinitely powerful car with modern technology and advanced capabilities. The technologies added here are Apple Car Play and Android Auto. which can also add various apps and services to connect the driver’s smartphone seamlessly with the car.

This futuristic car has added some features for safety like Adaptive Cruise Control, Landscaping Assist, an Automatic Braking System, etc. On the inside are features like an eco-friendly touchscreen interface, front and rear speakers, Bluetooth connectivity amazing audio system which is the remote control.

Toyota Stout 2024 Price and Release Date

Toyota Stout 2024 is likely to be launched in late 2023. One of the most exciting aspects of this car is the development of automatic driving technology. Although previous models did not have it. But it has promised to be added in the present. This could revolutionize the interior of trucks. Considering the price, its starting price is estimated at $25000. But, the price is not fixed to increase depending on the height trim level, and capacity.

Cost by Country:

Country Name: Price

Toyota Stout Price in USA

Start below $25,000
Toyota Stout Price in Canada Up to $34,326
Toyota Stout Price in the UK GBP22,000
Toyota Stout Price in Germany DEU 23,581
Toyota Stout Price in in Australia $39,594

Is the Toyota Stout for Real?

If you like or are looking for small model cars then Toyota had this stout model in its line in 1960. However, the company is currently planning to replace the Forte and Hyundai in its compact truck department. Because some of Toyota’s opening officials have given messages about that.

How Much is the Toyota Stout?

Since the car is not yet in the market, no one can enter the market at its fixed price. However, comparing it with the price of a car grandma, its potential value is set at $25,000, which some say is wrong.

What is the Difference Between HiLux and Stout?

There is no difference between the two cars. However, the Stout is slightly smaller than the Hilux. For example, the length is 4674 mm width is 1690 mm height is 1710 mm and above all 2800 mm wheel. Both cars have Green Line four-cylinder engines.


  1. So many interesting features
  2. High-speed compact (4 seconds to reach 0-60 Kmh)
  3. spacious and comfortable interior
  4. low-cost car


  1. It’s a small compact
  2. Off rodding capability
  3. Reliability
  4. The fuel tank could be leakage
  5. It doesn’t have a hybrid powertrain

Does Toyota make two-door pickup trucks?

Yes, its two-door has some limited body style cars. The TRD Prerunner is a two-door extended hatch of this type. It is a pickup favored by drivers and passengers for its extra cargo seating.

Which is the most expensive Toyota truck in 2024?

Among Toyota’s hybrid versions, the Tundra with RWD debuts in a Limited trim priced at $54,000. Also offered is the trd Pro Max hybrid power train priced at $68,000.

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